• Responsible in analyzing the training needs of the members and to comply with the accepted standards adopted by the association.

  • Program a yearlong training for members including external trainings to enhance the skills of the members.

  • Provide inputs to the Board in relation to available training providers available and to source out the cheapest or lowest rate without sacrificing the quality of the training program.

  • Provide assistance to course instructors in developing and presenting course materials by collaborating with other members with the skills and knowledge relevant to the module.

  • Responsible for the preparation of course material for internal trainings including the printing of Certificates for distributing right after the course.e)

  • Responsible for carefully selecting the quality of instructors who will deliver the internal trainings.

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  • Responsible in compiling the membership documents and data for easy access and retrievable and provide information on each member as required by the Board.

  • If the Membership Committee determines that an applicant or prospect should be excluded from membership for whatever reason, and not issued an invitation or presented to the Membership as a new applicant, this issue will be presented to the Board for final determination. The reasons for exclusion might relate to a conflict with the nonprofit goals, or disruptive behavior, or a criminal background that would reflection the nonprofit or place the Membership in danger, or any other reason deemed by the Board sufficient to warrant exclusion.

  • Responsible in notifying members on any infractions of the by-laws, rules and or regulations of the association.

  • Responsible in the issuance of membership cards/IDs to members duly signed by the Chairman and Head of Membership Committee.

  • Responsible in organizing annual meetings or assembly of the association’s officers and members excluding training related gatherings.

  • Support the Training Committee in matters of registration during trainings and seminars.



The purpose of the Information Technology Committee is to ensure that the organization's technology programs support the Organization's visions and objectives. The IT Committee is also responsible for the creation, development, maintenance, controlling, and monitoring of IRMAP web pages, online advertisement, and other IT facilities and resources.


The committee shall recommend fundraising activities to the Board and Membership to provide funds for the programs supported by the members. Funds raised shall be dispersed according to the policy approved at a Membership meeting. They are also task to handle or oversee all interaction with donors/sponsors: obtaining funds or in-kind services, depositing checks with the Treasurer, thanking donors/sponsors in writing, and acknowledging the donor/sponsors in all proper venues. Also, handle all arrangements pertinent to acknowledgment of sponsors.




The Committee is and shall be responsible for the promotion and pursuance of all physical sporting matters including competitive activities which may include, but not limited to, basketball, swimming, tennis, chess, shooting and other forms of sports. They are responsible for coordinating and overseeing any events related to sports. This includes making decisions, organizing activities, ensuring that guidelines are being followed as well as planning to assure that the aim and objectives will be achieved. The dealings with event venues are also their responsibilities.

The Social Committee shall consist of the elected Chair and interested members. The names of such shall be submitted immediately to the appropriate Vice-Chairman. The Social Committee shall suggest, plan and conduct activities of a social nature for members and to come up with worthy activities that would require the involvement of members in the service of the community.



The committee shall devise and provide a form for submitting Honor Award nominations within the association. It will make these forms available at accessible locations and through various means of communication. They will also evaluate the nominations received and determine by vote the recipients for the Honor Awards. After reviewing the pertinent papers, they will present their recommendations to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. They are also responsible to select and purchase appropriate awards or gifts and present to the honorees during annual gathering of members.

The Grievance Committee is responsible for overseeing the handling of all grievances filed by members under the grievance provisions of the current policies of the association.



The Election Committee is a permanent committee of the Board of Directors, and has been given the authority, responsibility and specific duties as described below.

  • The Election Committee is mandated by the Board of Directors to provide advice and recommendations with respect to Board and Committee succession planning including the selection process and selection criteria, as well as Board and Committee size, composition and profile. The Election Committee shall exercise any other power and function which may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

  • Establish a formal and transparent selection process which will identify prospective candidates for election as directors of the Board at the Annual General Meeting or otherwise to be appointed by the Board to fill any vacancy of the Board from time to time.